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6 Week Health Challenge


Lighten your mind, body and spirit.


Strengthen your willpower

To our 6 week Challenge!


Sept 3rd - Oct 15th

(may join until Sept 31st 2019)


*Money enters a pool for all participants


Spring Lighten Up is a 6 week health challenge designed to lighten up body, mind and soul! Daily health checks help you become more mindful of your health and weekly challenges focus on a habit of health to stretch you to your optimal well being!


• Inspire ourselves and our family, friends, and community to greater heights of health
• Create daily habits of health
• Lighten up mind and body


Important details

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6 Week health challenge beginning Sept 3rd and continuing to Oct 15th

Cost is $25 (includes management, prizes, and participant pool)

Choose a goal of weight maintenance of 1% or weight loss of 2% or more

Minimum of 150 health points earned over the 6 weeks

Receive points daily for health activities

Receive bonus points for weekly challenge

Weekly healthy points need to be submitted by the Monday of each week by checking into our website at www.gothealth.us and clicking on Lighten Up Challenge

Please follow our got health facebook site for daily posts and challenges

Each participant that reaches their health and weight goal will share the pool

Weekly health podcast for challengers to watch to learn and live!

NEW!! Sample 1 Week Meal Plan and 1 Week Exercise Program

Winner determined by most points derived from

Daily Health Checks

Weekly Challenges

% weight loss



Weekly challenges and prizes

Grand Prizes

Most points overall and greatest percent weight loss.
Everybody is a winner that reaches their health points and weight goal and will receive cash from the winner’s pool!

how to...

 • Register on our Got Health website at www.gothealth.us
FREE Health Assessment and Weigh in over the phone or at Got Health/Groll Family Fitness.

• Optional Body Composition for no charge
Daily Health Checks: 1 point each: 35 points per week (245 points total)
😊 Exercise
😊 Eat three fruit OR veggies
😊 Drink 64 plus ounces of water
😊 Act of kindness
😊 Get 7 - 8 hours of sleep

point system

• Weekly Challenges: 5 points each week for completing the bonus challenge and 5 additional points for each previous week you continue to do the weekly challenges(ie: food diary (week 1) and fitness challenge (week 2) for 10 total points on week 2) - 105 points total.

• Weekly Health Challenge: 5 Points
Weekly Health Podcast

Week 1

Lighten Body: Nutrition for melt down.
Challenge: Keep a food diary this week or make a weekly meal plan on Nutrition Factors and post a healthy recipe on Got Health Facebook site.

Week 2

Lighten Heart: Fitness for Cardio and Strength.
Challenge: Workout for 250 minutes or 50K step for the week.

Week 3

Lighten Sleep: Enjoy good night's sleep.
Challenge: Find your barriers to healthy sleep and choose 1 or 2 to work on this week.

Week 4

Lighten Mind: Humor for Happiness
Challenge: Watch a funny show or post a healthy humorous meme on Got Health Facebook site.

Week 5

Lighten your Life: Spring clean.
Challenge: Declutter a room or drawer in your room and share pic or experience on Got Health Facebook.

Week 6

Lighten with friends: Build your support team.
Challenge: Find an accountability health partner and post of pic of you working out, eating healthy food together, or enjoying a habit of health together.


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